This season the PBF Volleybal Cup competition will be organized according to the knockout system with rounds spread over 3 different nights in the season.
The PBF Volleybal Schedule shows when the various competitions and activities are.

The changes / additions to the PBF Volleybal Rules are:

  • The matches will be determined by lottery.
  • It is not possible to reschedule matches to different dates and/or times.
  • A match is played according to the 'best of three sets' principle.
  • If the end score when time is up is the same, the winner is determined by lottery
  • The winners go through to the next round.
  • Loosing teams will be scheduled to play for fun.
  • After the first round the number of teams continuing will be made up to 8 with "Lucky Losers" which are drawn from the losers of the first round.
    • Rule is that first teams are drawn from the present and so really losing teams. If that is not enough, the rest is drawn from the absent teams.